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About Our Team

Divorce is Tough. We’re Tougher.

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At C.E. Borman, our family law team provides straight talk and honest advice.

We’re here to support you through the legal landmines you face with patience, compassion, and integrity.

Our team is dedicated to facilitating life’s changes for people, and we are honored to guide them through the legal process and on their way to a better, happier, healthier life.

“A law team that not only has the knowledge but has the heart to do what's best for each situation. We appreciate all you have done for our family. Keep up the good work!”

- Teresa Vela

Our Services


Divorce is almost always a stressful and challenging process. It may be that you and your spouse agree on all the details, or you may instead anticipate a long, drawn-out court battle. Either way, emotions are likely running high.

Family Law

Bringing the law into family matters can be scary. But having an experienced Texas family law attorney by your side will help give you the confidence to fight for your rights and what’s best for your family.

Child Custody & Support

At the end of the day, the most important consideration is what’s best for the child. But sometimes you and the child’s other parent may have differing opinions on what that is. That’s where we come in.


Life happens. Situations change, people move, parents remarry, children develop health problems. Court orders and parenting plans may seem final when you first agree to them, but the truth is that’s not always the case.

Divorce Property Division

Texas is a “community property” state, which means that certain assets and debts that you acquire during your marriage belong equally to both you and your spouse. If you decide to end your marriage, you will have to come up with a plan for who gets what.

Fathers’ Rights

Mothers make up 9 out of 10 custodial parents statewide. Our team at C.E. Borman believes that, all other things being equal, fathers have just as much of a right to be in their children’s lives as mothers.

Gray Divorce

Divorce for couples above the age of 50 is referred to as “gray divorce” because of the unique challenges and experiences of getting divorced later in life. After decades of building a life together, it can be difficult to untangle the consequences of a divorce, both financial and emotional.

LGBTQ Divorce

Just because same-sex marriage is legal doesn’t mean there isn’t still discrimination. And there are many other family law issues that LGBTQ couples can face – some unique to the LGBTQ community, and some not.


Adopting a child is one of the most exciting adventures a parent can take on. But there’s also a lot of red tape that comes with adoption, making the whole process hard to navigate sometimes, especially if you’re dealing with other legal issues at the same time.

Our Team

attorney channa borman - divorce lawyer bryan texas
Founder and Lead Attorney

Channa Borman

Founder and Lead Attorney

Channa Borman

The founder of C.E. Borman & Associates, Channa is a family lawyer dedicated to the power of truth. She takes a direct and compassionate approach, prioritizing communication and the best interests of children. With a reputation for being a fierce advocate, she founded her practice in 2002, emphasizing straight talk and honest advice. Channa’s commitment to transforming lives has earned her praise and accolades from organizations across the country, but it’s the impact she makes for her clients that she finds the most rewarding.

attorney channa borman - bryan texas divorce lawyer
megan mikutis - ce borman
Associate Attorney

Megan Mikutis

After graduating from the University of Houston Law Center, Megan has gained extensive experience while serving the families and children of Harris and surrounding counties. For the past 10 years she has provided successful outcomes in high-conflict divorce and custody matters for clients through all phases of litigation and settlement. Megan is trained in collaborative law, has been a member of the esteemed Burta Rhoads Raborn Inns of Court, and is a certified family law mediator.

lori chiappetta - ce borman
Litigation Paralegal

Lori Chiappetta

Involved in all aspects of our family law casework, Lori drafts pleadings and correspondence, schedules mediation, meets with clients, communicates with service providers, and schedules court hearings. Lori is a graduate of the Legal Assistant program at Blinn College and has been an invaluable part of our team since 2014. Lori is knowledgeable about not only the law but also the dynamics of litigation, enabling her to work hand in hand with our attorneys throughout the preparation and presentation of your case.

lauren perkins - ce borman
Operations Paralegal

Lauren Perkins

Lauren is a certified mediator in Texas and will graduate from the Paralegal program at Blinn in May 2023. She is the client liaison and a free point of contact for clients. Lauren gives status updates and gets answers to questions from attorneys and paralegals working on your case.

stephen krahl - ce borman
Director of Operations

Stephen Krahl

As Director of Operations, Stephen is responsible for organizing office operations and procedures; controlling correspondence; training and onboarding; designing filing systems; reviewing and approving supply requisitions; assigning and monitoring clerical functions. The overarching goal for Stephen is to maintain a culture that helps the firm and its clients thrive. Stephen has a Bachelor of Science degree from Sam Houston State University and has worked in office administration and executive management for more than 5 years.

daisy reyes - ce borman
Client Liaison

Daisy Reyes

When you call our law firm, the first person you will hear is Daisy. Friendly and experienced, Daisy is our first point of contact who manages the front office area and directs communication within our office, taking messages and sending your call to the appropriate person. She is currently pursuing an associate degree in business.

kellie clifton - ce borman
Finance Manager

Kellie Clifton

Kellie started as the firm’s finance manager in January 2023. She has over 10 years of experience in managing teams and clients, administrative tasks, budgeting, financial duties, managing contracts, and more. Kellie manages cash flow projections, billing, applies client refunds, and other financial-related tasks.

rana turner - ce borman
Billing Specialist

Rana Turner

Rana joined the C.E. Borman team in January 2023 as the billing specialist. She has over 25 years of experience with secretarial, administrative, and billing matters. Any questions about account balances, monthly statements, trust deposits, or pending refunds, Rana is the person who can help provide you with answers.

rebecca morgan - ce borman
Client Engagement Specialist

Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Morgan graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism in 1996. After being a stay-at-home mom for 22 years, she returned to school to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Legal Assistant (Paralegal) from Blinn College. She joined the C.E. Borman team in June 2023. She performed Client Liaison and Paralegal tasks before moving into the Client Engagement Specialist role.

Our Process


Call 979-200-4725


We’ll learn more about your situation and discuss your options for moving forward.


Together, we’ll get to work resolving your issues – representing you through mediation and, if necessary, in court.

Every family is different – which means that every family law case is different.

We’ve got decades of experience working with families throughout the Brazos Valley to help them get out of their current situation and build the next chapter of their lives.

Let us help you do the same.

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