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Bryan Gray Divorce Lawyers

When people think of a divorcing couple, they usually imagine a couple in their 30s or 40s, probably with underage children. But the reality is that divorce among older generations is becoming much more common in Brazos County than it used to be.

At C.E. Borman, our team of Texas divorce attorneys understand the needs of clients going through divorce later in life. We use our decades of experience to help guide our older clients through the divorce process smoothly.

Divorce is Tough. We’re Tougher.

Our Bryan Gray Divorce Services

Divorce for couples above the age of 50 is referred to as “gray divorce” because of the unique challenges and experiences of getting divorced later in life. After decades of building a life together, it can be difficult to untangle the consequences of a divorce, both financial and emotional.

Our team at C.E. Borman includes staff members of all ages. Not only do we have decades of experience in divorce law, we also understand the needs of older couples going through divorce.

Here are some of the issues couples undergoing gray divorce face that we can help with:

  • Property Division: After a lifetime of accumulating assets, the volume of community property that needs to be divided is larger than in other divorce cases. Some assets can be particularly difficult to parse through, as they often represent a mix of separate and community property. For example, retirement accounts, pensions, Social Security, insurance, and long-term care coverage.
  • Financial Recovery: Many divorcees find themselves needing to go back to work, but rejoining the workforce at an older age is not always easy. Not to mention that gray divorcees may not have the same ability to perform work. Our experience in gray divorce allows us to fight for your needs, and help you come up with a plan for financial stability.
  • Emotional Recovery: Many older couples are empty nesters, which means that some divorcees find moving out to be lonely. At C.E. Borman, we provide extensive resources to our clients to help them recover from divorce, from counselors, to support groups, to benefit programs.

What Our Bryan Gray Divorce Clients Say

Our Bryan Gray Divorce Case Process


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gray divorce?

Gray divorce refers to divorce among couples aged 50 and above. Divorce later in life sometimes presents unique challenges due to decades of accumulated assets and intertwined lives.

What are the complexities of property division in gray divorce?

Property division in gray divorce can be complex due to the large volume of community property accumulated over the years, difficulties in remembering all assets, and the intricate nature of assets such as retirement accounts, pensions, and insurance.

What challenges do individuals face after a gray divorce?

After a gray divorce, individuals may encounter challenges in financial recovery, including rejoining the workforce or securing financial stability, as well as emotional recovery, particularly for empty nesters facing loneliness.

Can you get a gray divorce without an attorney?

While it’s technically not required to retain the services of an attorney, getting divorced later in life can be an especially complicated process. An experienced attorney familiar with gray divorce can streamline the property division process, ensuring fair distribution of assets and saving time and money for the divorcing couple.

Do I still have to divide my assets if my spouse and I have been separated for years?

Yes, in Texas, even if you’ve been separated for years, community property acquired during the marriage is subject to division during divorce proceedings. You may be able to demonstrate to the court that certain assets are not community property. An experienced divorce attorney can help.

Contact a Bryan, Texas Gray Divorce Attorney today

As gray divorce becomes more common, we think of it as our duty to help older divorcing couples find the peace and settlement they need to thrive. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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