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Divorce Calculator

Texas divorces without children involved typically average around $15,600. For divorces that do involve children, the average cost is closer to $23,500.

Understandably, folks frequently stress about how much a legal split might set them back. Figuring out the cost of a divorce is one of the trickiest and anxiety-inducing parts of the whole process. That’s why we’ve set up this divorce cost estimator to help ease some of those worries.

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Answer the questions to the best of your ability. If there isn’t a perfect match for your situation, just go with the option that comes closest.

The more accurate you are with your answers, the better the divorce cost estimator can do its thing.

Remember: the numbers you get from this calculator are just estimates. We can’t promise they’re spot-on. For a more personalized rundown, set up a consultation with one of our divorce attorneys at C.E. Borman.

Looking for information about how much child support might cost?

Every family is different – which means that every family law case is different.

We’ve got decades of experience working with families throughout the Brazos Valley to help them get out of their current situation and build the next chapter of their lives.

Let us help you do the same.

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