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7 Tips For A “Normal” Holiday For Your Children

By November 9, 2021April 25th, 2024No Comments

For couples that are facing separation or have recently separated in Texas, trying to navigate the holiday can bring even more emotion and anxiety. Separating although it may be the right thing to do, does greatly change your family dynamic. However, there are ways to navigate your separation and still have a wonderful holiday season with your family. This blog will show 7 tips for a normal holiday for your children.

7 tips to help you navigate your separation during the holidays in Texas

These tips will help you put the holidays into perspective and help guide you through how to give your children although different, a holiday season full of love and fun.

Put your children first

Navigating a separation is hard, and it’s so important that during this time to put your children first. They need to understand that even though this holiday season will be different, it will still be filled with all the things they love and enjoy. Look out for signs of acting out and get ahead of it. Look for things like;

  • Getting in trouble at school
  • Acting out at home
  • Slipping grades
  • Not wanting to do activities, play with friends, or go to school

If your children can understand, it’s a good idea to talk to them, be open and honest. Ask them how they would like to do things during the holidays. It will give you an understanding of how they are feeling and what they are open to doing. If they are currently favoring one parent over another just know this is just their emotions and a time of adjustment. As you plan out the holidays and they see what you have planned for them, your children will be more willing to be more open to change.

Be flexible

As you c0-parent try to be as flexible as you can with arrangements. Discuss each other schedules so you can see what works best for each other and your children. Talk about the big holidays and how you will split time and make sure to be fair and equal with each other.

Communication is key

It’s hard to put feelings aside but it’s important to do so so that you can co-parents together and build a good co-parenting relationship for the future. These are some of the topics you will want to discuss;

  • Every important holiday (who gets which holidays, split the day, consider celebrating something together)
  • Discuss all plans and travel arrangements, including pick up and drop off
  • Talk about gifts (don’t outdo each other)
  • Plan out activities (Santa, ice staking, window displays, holiday activities, etc)
  • Keep existing family holiday traditions alive
  • It’s ok to celebrate something twice
  • Be friendly to each other around the children

Try a co-parenting app

Keep track of the holiday calendar, holidays events, when your co-parent has the children. You can even communicate through the apps and add photos so you don’t miss a thing. Here’s are some of the top co-parenting apps.

Plan a special experience

This is a start to something different for your children so why not plan something new for them. Talk to your ex-partner about planning a special experience for your children. You each can plan a different activity. It can become a new tradition of something they just do with Mom or just do with Dad.

Go to counseling or speak or to your Texas divorce attorney

If you can’t come to a fair agreement or emotions are too high, make an appointment to speak to your family counselor or your divorce attorney. It’s good a have an outside party to help talk through your emotions and come to a fair agreement. The goal is to have a good c0-parenting relationship so that you can continue to navigate what’s best for your children.

Take time for yourself

This is an extremely difficult time so it’s also important to take time for yourself. When you don’t have children. Plan something nice for yourself. It’s important for you to destress so you can be the best parent to your children. You can plan;

  • A holiday night out with friends
  • Attend a holiday party and not worry about a babysitter
  • A day of doing something you love
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