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Working Through the Hardships of Divorce – Straight Talk, Honest Advice Podcast

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In this episode of the Straight Talk, Honest Podcast, Working Through the Hardship of Divorce. Channa chats with Jessica Lewis, who recently filed for divorce after a long internal battle to make the decision. Jessica shares her hardships relating to her divorce journey and how she overcame such difficult experiences with the right mindset. Jessica also shares how she fought for her mental and spiritual health along the way and how this has positively impacted her life.

Watch now to hear the barriers that every person making this difficult decision faces and how one woman overcame these internal hurdles to make the right decision ultimately. You can watch or listen to this powerful discussion and how Channa and her team were able to make a positive impact on Jessica’s life.

Below is a summary of the highlights discussed in the episode.

Episode 2: Working Through the Hardships of Divorce

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Jessica’s Journey of Hardship (06:03 – 07:36)

I was getting help and effective therapy to change and get myself in the right mental capacity. After treatment, the goal was to get a support system, a consistent therapist, and a life coach.

A Push Towards Mental Health and Happiness(07:36 – 08:03)

These tools help lead me towards a more positive outlook on my life.

The Divorce Decision/Fear as the Biggest Barrier (09:41 – 15:28)

There was something specific that my spouse said to me that I thought ok, there is no coming back from this. However, I was torn because of my faith and the judgment of my peers. We also tried counseling and therapy; however, it only works if both spouses are committed to trying. One person alone can’t fix it. 

Why you should Trust Your Gut (17:28 – 18:53)

Trust that your gut is right, and listen to it. So many times, especially in the midst of just day-to-day in a marriage, you can get so stuck. You think I will just do this and forget to listen to your gut. But, eventually, your body is going to react; you’re going to start to find yourself in a place where you don’t recognize yourself.

Struggles of Co-Parenting(18:53 – 21:03)

That I always have the best intentions for my children. However, my ex-spouse is mostly just looking out for himself. So, unfortunately, we only communicate if we have to. It has been a work in process to begin setting boundaries. 

Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer (21:03 – 23:20)

Personal referrals and personal experiences are effective ways to find a divorce attorney. A great attorney has knowledge of the law and is able to figure out specific details, as well as knowing when to use the law most effectively. When divorce lawyers have a great team to work with you, you get a better service and a feeling that more people are on your side. 

Overcoming Spiritual Abuse (23:20 – 25:54)

I didn’t realize that I had been spiritually abused, basically and then once you see it, it’s so it becomes so obvious. I had to shave off the bad stuff, and I did shave off the stuff that really wasn’t truth, and fill it with truth and solid information and get me thinking in the right direction, even spiritually.

Finding Joy After Divorce(25:54 – 26:40)

I have made a move with my kids. I absolutely love where we are living, and I see a brighter future for the kids and me than I ever did before. In the midst of it, I never would have foreseen that you become a better mom, not just a better, you know, better person. Don’t keep staying in a situation that’s not healthy. Take the plunge; no matter how hard it is, my motto for this year is I can do hard things. It’s worth the plunge. 

Episode 2: Working Through the Hardships of Divorce


Listen to the Straight Talk, Honest Advice podcast here;


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About Channa Borman

Channa Borman is a family law attorney who provides straight talk and honest advice on divorce and other family law issues. In this podcast, she discusses various legal topics and offers practical, timely tips for people dealing with these difficult situations. Guests will include clients Channa has advised, and they will share their experiences with divorce. Topics will include unexpected hardships, co-parenting, and long-term life changes resulting from this decision. Channa will also be joined by colleagues such as divorce counselors, moderators, other family law attorneys, and subject matter experts.

Channa Borman is the CEO/Founding Attorney of C.E. Borman & Associates and has been practicing law for over 20 years. She has received many awards, including the “Top 100” Trial Lawyer in America by the Association of American Trial Lawyers.

She is also very involved with the Brazos community by teaching in the Blinn College Paralegal Studies Department, has served as the coordinator and volunteer attorney for the Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network’s immigrant community outreach project, has volunteered with the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, and has participated in many other community outreach programs.

With her expertise in the legal field and the first-hand experiences of the guests, this podcast will be great to tune into for anyone interested in family matters.

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