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7 Tips To Successful Co-parenting In 2022

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We all understand the word ‘co-parenting.’ We know that it’s when both parents play an active role in the children’s daily lives; it’s about making shared decisions.  But what about successfully co-parenting?

We understand that co-parenting will enable the child to have a close relationship with each parent. But what we don’t always know is precisely how to do this. What we want to know is how to co-parent in 2022 successfully.

A co-parenting relationship filled with fights and conflict can harm the children. According to The Urban Child Institute, “Young children of high-conflict parents are at a higher risk for anxiety, aggressive behavior, and poor social skills.”

7 Tip: How to Successfully Co-parenting in 2022

It’s easy to say you must co-parent, but how to do it can get complicated. Each family must decide what works best for them. To simplify the matter, here are 7 tips to help you successfully co-parent in 2022:

1. Don’t put the kids in the middle

You must learn to separate your personal relationship with your ex from the co-parenting relationship. Find a friend or a network of people where you can say all the bad things about your ex that you should never say to your child.

2. Communication is essential

Establish a form of communication with the least amount of conflict. Remember to focus the conversation on the child and not your feelings, whether talking on the phone, text, or email. Also, remember that it helps to make requests instead of demands, and listen to your ex’s recommendations as well.

3. Create and stick to a parenting plan

During the divorce, you may have established a parenting plan in which you both make major decisions. Both parties should agree upon medical, educational, and financial choices. It also helps to have the same rules, discipline, and schedule at both parents’ houses.

4. Use an online calendar or schedule app

When you both use the same scheduling calendar, you see the same information. There are apps such as Our Family Wizard and Cozi that allow you to double-check the timing of the child’s schedule. It’s also a good idea to have both parents on the school or daycare email list.

5. Be flexible

Both parents need to try to stick to the parenting plan as much as possible, but we all know that things change, and we need to be flexible. Sometimes you need to change the calendar, and sometimes your ex will need to do so. This is not to say that you should throw the parenting plan out the window, but remember to trust your ex and not attempt to control them.

6. Make the transition from one parent to another as smooth as possible

Your child should not dread the time when they change from one parent’s house to another. Set a place and time to drop off the kids and exchange pertinent information. Again, this is not the time to have emotional conversations with your ex. It helps if the child has necessities at each parent’s house: a toothbrush, pajamas, and extra clothing – this way, nothing is forgotten.

7. Co-parenting counseling

It is hard to work with someone you don’t get along with. You and your ex are not together since you don’t get along anymore. It is common to attend co-parenting counseling to learn how to set the emotions aside and work together for the children’s sake. In counseling, you can learn to set boundaries and work through all co-parenting challenges. One place to seek co-parenting counseling is with your Texas family law attorney.

Working with Your Texas Family Law Attorney

Choose an attorney specializing in family law in Texas to help with your co-parenting plan and counseling. Having an impartial professional will remind you to keep your emotions focused on your children, instead of your anger at each other. A Texas family law attorney will help you sort out your calendar and answer any legal questions you have.

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