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Has Your Marriage Been Violent? File A Protective Order To Keep Your Family Safe

By February 18, 2022April 25th, 2024No Comments

How to File a Protective Order and Keep Your Family Safe

Couples break up all the time. Whether they are breaking up their dating relationship or they are getting a divorce, most people think that it should be easy to just move on. But sometimes there are those relationships that make breaking up really scary and dangerous.

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Has your marriage or relationship been violent? In any break-up emotions can run high. However, in certain situations the reaction to breaking up is scary and dangerous. These emotions can become scary when threats are made and violence occurs. This can happen when one party wants the other party to submit to their ideas and stay in a scary or dangerous relationship.

When a spouse threatens violence during a separation or divorce, it’s often not the first time that threats of violence or intimidation have affected the relationship. It doesn’t matter whether there are children in the relationship or not. In fact, violence and threats of violence and intimidation of one spouse by the other affects every member of the household.

Children pick up on these threats, and can repeat this behavior in their own relationships.

Although divorce proceedings are inherently adversarial in nature, when threats rise to the level of causing a person to fear for their safety, or the children’s safety, it is important to seek emergency relief from the Court by applying for a Protective Order.

To get the Protective Order in place, there must be proof that family violence has occurred. The proof can be the threat of family violence and the likelihood that family violence will occur in the future, even if you have been separated.

The best way to deal with threats of violence during a divorce in Texas is to file a Protective Order. Having an experienced Texas family law attorney represent you in your contentious divorce helps you and your family stay safe. Our law firm knows how to manage these divorces. We can help guide you through that process.

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