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Announcing Your Divorce On Social Media

By December 16, 2021April 25th, 2024No Comments

February 2004 – the day that changed how we interact with each other – the day Facebook was launched. Social media has become an integral part of our lives that we check daily. It’s hard to remember a time without social media, without having your friends and families at your fingertips. According to Smart Insights, 57.6% of the world’s population is on social media, and the average daily usage is 2 hours and 2 minutes… but we’ve all seen people on it much more than that!

We announce much of our daily lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. We see when people are getting married, gender reveal stunts, and birthday parties that are done right and go wildly wrong. Social media tells us of upcoming events, brings up memories, and reminds us of a friend’s birthday or even when they passed away.

But should you announce your divorce on social media?

Check with your Texas Divorce Attorney

A divorce does not happen quickly. Couples sometimes hold off on telling of their divorce until it is final; others choose to let people know right away that they are separating. But stop and think of the ramifications before telling everyone your true feelings.

As family law attorneys, we recommend checking with a lawyer before announcing your divorce on social media. Posting on social media can hurt your divorce case, especially if you are working through child custody, alimony, and dividing property.

Announcing Your Divorce on Social Media

It is understandable for celebrities to announce their divorce on social media. They reveal much of their lives online and prefer telling of their divorce before the tabloids get ahold of the information. Most of us are not celebrities, but we still need others to know what we are going through.

There are several reasons people want to use social media to disclose their divorce. Sometimes it’s easier to say hard news just one time. Putting it on social media may save you the hardship of telling the same story and answering the same questions over and over. It’s like tearing off a band aid; it can be best to do it once and quickly. Other people post their divorce announcements on social media for attention. We all have that one person on our feed that seeks recognition daily. They don’t mind sharing their life if they can get a response back; likes are good, but they thrive from the comments.

Whatever your reason, please plan your announcement carefully and do not make a rash post about your anger or vengeance.

Here are some suggestions of how to tell about your divorce on social media:

  • Inform your ex – Your ex may want to talk with their friends and family privately before you post the announcement for everyone to see. Let them know your intentions before making the decision public.
  • Release a post together – Compose a brief announcement that you both agree upon and release it when the timing is best for you and your ex.
  • Be positive and brief – Just a short announcement is all that is needed. There is no reason for the world to know the entire story.
  • Do not give personal details – Do not share the details of your divorce with anyone except close friends and family. Don’t air your grievances with your ex on social media.
  • Ask for sensitivity and respect – Ask for sensitivity, but be ready for some scathing comments. If you put your business for everyone to see, expect both condolences and criticism.
  • Pick just one platform – Post your announcement on just one social media platform. You can also choose which friends and family see in the initial post, but be ready for them to share your information.

Again, we suggest you consult an experienced family law attorney before announcing your divorce on social media.

Talk with your Texas Divorce Lawyer

Social media can be an excellent way to keep in touch with those you love, and it can also be the perfect place to let everyone know about events in your life. But in the event of announcing your divorce, always choose your words and your posts carefully.

We always recommend you behave appropriately on social media during your divorce. It’s sometimes too easy to let your hurt and anger cloud your judgment. If you wonder if the post is appropriate, it probably isn’t.

A carefully worded divorce announcement is fine, but it is best to run it by your attorney first. Talk with an experienced family attorney before you post the notification about your divorce on social media.

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