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Links Between Social Media, Cheating and Divorce?

By April 10, 2017April 25th, 2024No Comments

What are the links between social media, cheating and divorce? It may not come as a surprise that they are often linked with each other.

Links Between Social Media Use and Divorce

Firstly, let’s dig into the links between social media use and divorce. In 2014, CNBC discussed the results of a study published in the Journal Computers in Human Behavior. Researchers asked couples about marriage quality and social media use. Each data model showed that there was a link between decreased marriage quality and increased social media use.

Links Between Social Media and Cheating

NowIn November 2016, The Chicago Tribune published an article where a licensed psychotherapist and sociology professor gave their opinions. Each said that social media made infidelity much easier, and it even opened up a global cheating playing field.

Cheating Online Is Just as Devastating as In-Person

Jaclyn Cravens is in the Marriage & Family Therapy Program at Texas Tech University. She conducted research that reviewed situations where clients discovered their partner had cheated. They found out their partners were exchanging sexually suggestive messages with someone online through a social networking site. The main site that came up was Facebook. The impact emotionally was just as severe as if the partner had committed acts in-person.

Another story for reference, Anthony Weiner, a former politician, got caught several times cheating when he used Facebook and Twitter. As a result, he lost his marriage, his seat in Congress and his chances of becoming the Mayor of NYC. Some people are able to still work out their marriages when cheating occurs. But for many others, it’s the end of the relationship.

Considering Divorce? Talk with One of Our Attorneys

So, before you decide to divorce, it’s wise to discuss it with a divorce lawyer so you know what’s involved and the challenges you’ll face. If you have questions about divorce, our attorneys at C.E. Borman & Associates are glad to advise you.

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