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Divorce Season Begins In January

By January 3, 2017April 25th, 2024No Comments

“To everything there is a season,” and that includes divorce. Divorce season begins in January. Another year has ended. We’ve rung in 2017. Divorce lawyers now face what is often their busiest month of the year — January, known among legal professionals as “divorce month.”

According to divorce statistics surge on the first Monday of the year and continue to rise throughout the month. The same is true in the U.K. where 20% of couples plan to divorce after the holidays (facts based on a survey of 2,000 spouses). Most couples file for divorce between January and March.

For emotional and financial reasons, the holidays are not a good time for divorce. However, now that the holidays are over, divorce attorneys are busy providing clients with legal advice and filing divorce petitions.

If Your Divorce Season Has Begun, Should You Rush into Divorce?

Even though you’ve held off and may be ready to go full bore on the divorce, many important decisions lie ahead. You want to give full consideration, weigh your options and make sure you decide wisely. Some of the choices you make can affect you for a lifetime.

Types of Advice to Seek from Your Lawyer

Of course the advice you seek may depend on whether you’re merely considering whether to divorce or not or have reached a firm decision to end the marriage. Here are some factors to cover:

  • What should you say or not say to your spouse or to other people?
  • Will staying in your home be a threat if your spouse is likely to threaten physical violence?
  • Are there possessions you have that you should protect?
  • Can you close certain accounts or would it be illegal to do so?
  • What property would you have the legal right to safeguard as yours?
  • What valuable documents should you make copies of? Or should you keep the original?
  • If involved in an extramarital affair, should you disclose the fact?


  • What would the costs be if using mediation?
  • If litigating, what costs are reasonable to expect?
  • How does your attorney bill for time spent on your case?
  • What court costs are involved?
  • Will you likely need professionals, such as a valuation expert, forensic accountant or psychologist?

Of course these questions merely scratch the surface, and every divorce is different. Your divorce may involve further questions you need to ask and have answered.

Trusted Legal Guidance

At C.E. Borman & Associates, we are glad to answer your questions during a consultation and help you plan the best divorce strategy.

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