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5 things you should know before getting a divorce in Texas

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Divorce is a difficult and emotionally challenging process, regardless of where you live. If you find yourself contemplating divorce in Bryan, Texas or surrounding areas, it’s important to understand the specific factors that can impact your situation.

An experienced divorce attorney like C.E. Borman can help you navigate this complicated process successfully. Read on for our 5 crucial tips you should know before embarking on the journey of divorce in Bryan.

5 things to keep in mind before getting a divorce in Texas

At C.E. Borman, we’ve represented hundreds of clients going through divorce in Bryan. Over the years, we’ve accumulated some pieces of advice that we think everyone contemplating divorce should hear. Below are our top 5.

  1. Your personal safety should be your number one concern. Divorce can be a painful experience, and even result in violence in some cases. If you have a history of abuse or physical violence in your marriage, you should have a safety plan. Stay with a family member or close friend until everything blows over, and consider getting a protective order to avoid another violent episode from occurring.
  2. Know your family’s financial situation before you leave. Make a list of your family’s assets and liabilities. Know what you have and owe. Whenever possible, make copies of bank statements, tax returns, investment documents, and the like. It can also help to make a budget to know how much money you will need for your basic needs. This will allow you to plan for the financial stress of divorce, and also help you to obtain a fair settlement.
  3. Be prepared for a lengthy court battle. In Bryan, Texas, divorce cases typically follow a “no-fault” approach, meaning you don’t have to prove fault for the dissolution of your marriage. However, disputes over child custody, property division, and alimony can often extend the duration of the divorce proceedings. Be ready for motions, counter-motions, and temporary orders that you will have to follow in order for the case to get on its way
  4. While the case is pending, you may be under close scrutiny. Anything you say or do may be scrutinized, potentially impacting child custody determinations and other aspects of your case. Be cautious about your online presence, social media activities, and interactions with your spouse. Maintaining a respectful and responsible demeanor can positively influence the outcome of your divorce.
  5. Put some thought into finding the right attorney. Is your lawyer experienced in divorce and family law? Do they have extensive knowledge of Texas law and the local court system? Do they inspire confidence that they will be a trusted and fierce advocate for your interests?

Why hire a C.E. Borman for your divorce?

An attorney with years of experience in family law understands the nuances of divorce cases specific to the Bryan area. Here are just a few of the ways that a legal team like C.E. Borman can help you:

  • We can negotiate with the other parties to reach a mutually beneficial settlement.
  • We can connect you and your family to vital resources, such as counselors, mediators, and benefit programs.
  • We take the lead on paperwork so you can focus on yourself and your family.
  • We know the local Brazos County court system inside and out.
  • We keep up with legislation and changes in the law so you always have the most up-to-date information.
  • When push comes to shove, we will take your case to court and represent you in hearings and trials.

Contact C.E. Borman today

Embarking on a divorce journey can be overwhelming, but with the right knowledge and support, you can navigate this process successfully. If you’re considering a divorce in Bryan, Texas, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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