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How Mediation & Collaborative Divorce Can Be Effective in Texas

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Divorce has a reputation for being a nasty and unpleasant process, filled with lengthy hearings and unpleasant feelings. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Alternative dispute resolution options in Bryan, Texas like collaborative divorce focus on cooperation and compromise instead of conflict and confrontation. As a result, Bryan couples can foster an environment of healing and forgiveness as they work out a better future for themselves and their children.

At C.E. Borman, we understand just how hard the divorce process can be, which is why we always strive to help our clients reach a collaborative and mutually beneficial settlement whenever possible. Read on to learn more about the collaborative divorce process in Bryan, Texas.

Collaborative divorce in Texas

Collaborative divorce is a combination of mediation and negotiation to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. It allows you and your spouse to negotiate terms like child custody, child support, and property division amicably.

Here’s how it works:

  • The process involves private negotiation sessions with your spouse on what you want from the divorce. You can choose to be represented by your lawyer throughout these negotiations.
  • You may also choose to participate in mediation sessions. During these, a licensed third party mediator will facilitate discussion between you and your spouse.
  • You can also choose to bring a child specialist and a financial specialist, among other professionals, to advise on the best solution for your contested issues.
  • At the end of your process, you and your spouse will agree on a settlement, and send it to a judge for approval.

Benefits of collaborative divorce in Texas

When emotions run high, the idea of sitting down for a mediation session with your spouse might seem like the last thing on your mind. But there are a number of benefits to the collaborative divorce process that make it worth your while.

  • Collaborative divorce is efficient and inexpensive. It will save you significant time and money that might be otherwise spent on a lengthy court battle.
  • You can write your own settlement. On important questions like child custody, it’s better to come to an agreement with your spouse than leave the final decision up to a judge.
  • It allows you to craft flexible, personalized solutions. This way you can work out exactly what is best for you and your family, instead of a one-size-fits-all court order.

Contact an experienced Bryan divorce attorney today

At C.E. Borman, we’ve been helping clients through divorce in Bryan for years with mediation & Collaborative Divorce in Texas. With our experience and in-depth knowledge of the Brazos County court system, we know how to defend your rights and fight for what’s best for your family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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