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Tips For Planning Spring Break When Divorced

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As you put together your child custody agreement as you are going through a divorce and for co-parents revisiting their child custody plan as your children are growing older, one of the things parents overlook is their child’s spring break schedule. Recently divorced parents often fail to discuss who will be with the kids during Speak Break time. As a result, this time of the year quickly creeps up on families. Then it can create conflicts among divorced parents, potentially necessitating additional legal assistance. Our Bryan, Texas, family law firm fully understands how much this vacation time can mean to divorced parents who don’t spend as much time as they’d like with their children. Therefore we have put together some tips for planning Spring Break when divorced.

How to plan for Spring Break when divorced

Spring Break is an excellent time for kids to have fun and create lasting memories. So, this is why we’ve created this list of tips and considerations to help you plan for Spring Break when divorced.

Think about long-term planning.

Although your plans may be set for this year, it is essential to consider future years and how your plans may change as your children grow older. Questions to think about are; will you rotate years or split the week? As your child ages, will they want to spend Spring Break with friends or vacation with friends? Can your ex-spouse vacation with your child and new partner, and vice versa? How do you and your ex-spouse agree on what is allowed and not?

Is the Spring Break schedule fair?

If one parent has their child for one week during Spring Break, does the other parent get their whole week, for example, during the summer? Does it work out best for schedules that the same parent always has the child for Spring Break? For instance, Easter falls right around Spring Break for some schools, so if you split the week, does the same parent always have the child for Easter? Making sure the Spring Break schedule is fair is definitely something to consider.

Consider your children’s schedule.

As children age, they may go to a different school and have another Spring Break from their siblings. In addition, divorced parents with multiple kids with other times off can make crafting a good Spring Break plan more difficult. Although this can make things trickier, the different times of Spring Break for each child is always important to consider when preparing your plans. Also, as they get older, children might be involved in activities still scheduled during Spring Break, so navigating their activity schedule is essential to Spring Break planning.

Jobs can make Spring Break planning difficult.

Depending on employment situations, each parent and family will be different, but Spring Break weeks can be a good or bad time to take a whole week of custody. Divorced parents must be as flexible as possible when working with their ex-spouse to determine how well Spring Break and other vacation time will work for each other.

When planning vacation time for the entire year different employment schedules may come into play. Understandably, you want to spend time with your kids during Spring Break. But if your job doesn’t allow you that free time, it could be better to get added quality time when you’re more available at a different time of year. For example, if your job is particularly hectic during Spring Break, you could always negotiate an exchange for a vacation with the kids during the summer or winter months.

Is your child custody plan easy to understand?

Whenever you change your child custody agreement, it’s best to have your Texas divorce attorney; potentially, a judge will look through your plans. Ensure your agreement is specifically laid out and makes sense to anyone who reads it.

Plans change, and things come up, so be flexible.

Work schedules, activity schedules, and life does happen. It’s essential to understand that you might have to be flexible. If something may occur, and you and your ex-spouse are not on the best co-parenting terms, you can always add a clause to your agreement that lays out what happens if x, y, or z occurs. It’s always better to have a backup plan than no plan at all.

Once you have a plan in place, create those Spring Break memories.

Your child or children want to spend time with you. Quality time is even more critical to a child when their parents divorce. So, it is vital that no matter what you do during Spring Break, you make sure to have quality time and make those special Spring Break memories.

If your children are spending Spring Break with your ex-spouse, it’s also essential for them to have those memories with your ex-partner. A good relationship with both parents is crucial as they grow and develop. Their happiness counts and ensuring they know that’s what you care about most always goes a long way. If you find yourself alone during Spring Break. We have some tips on how to keep yourself busy and get through the week.


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