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Child Custody & Support

Don’t Pay Child Support in Cash

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For parents paying child support, they want to ensure they get credit for their payments. Paying by check seems like a good option. As for paying in cash, well, that’s another story. From our experienced C.E. Borman family law attorneys in Bryan, Texas, here’s why you shouldn’t pay child support in cash and why it may be a problem.

Paying Child Support in Texas

Child support is an ongoing benefit in favor of a child, which is extended by his or her parents. In many instances, it is directly or indirectly given by a parent following the end of a relationship or marriage. Often the paying parent is the non-custodial one.

Some paying parents don’t want to wait for a court order, directing them to provide child support. They just want to help. However, this act of generosity may be susceptible to abuse or exploitation.

What if the custodial parent or guardian refuses to acknowledge the receipt of cash payment? Or perhaps may have forgotten all the specifics?

As a result, the paying parents might find themselves behind on their child support payments. With little or no credit given for cash payments, this can put the paying parent in a problematic situation.

What To Do Instead of Cash-Based Child Support Payments

Avoid paying child support in cash. Instead, pay using a check or send payment through an app that records the transaction.

When paying by check, the paying parent can put a note on the check’s memorandum line, indicating the purpose for which the check was issued. That way, there can rarely be an issue as to the payment of child support since there will be a record of the transaction.

In contrast, paying in cash can lead to disputes between the paying and receiving parties. In addition to the refusal to acknowledge receipt of payment, the receiving parent or guardian may also argue that the cash received was not for child support. On the part of the paying parent, disputes like this can be difficult to prove that support was paid. This may result in a judgment, ordering the latter to pay for back support.

If payment by check is not an option, the paying parent may use apps that facilitate payments between parties. These apps include PayPal and Venmo, which allows the payer to memorialize the purpose for which the payment was made.

Should You Give Tangible Gifts as Child Support?

The giving of diapers, baby clothes, and formula is a common arrangement. However, just like making cash payments, giving tangible items as child support can be susceptible to abuse or exploitation. It can be difficult to get credit for these gifts.

Avoiding Child Support Disputes

For the parent or guardian who has custody of the child, support is very important. It allows them the resources to take care of the child. On the other hand, it is crucial for the paying parent to ensure that they get credit for the payments made.

Of course, situations change, people move, parents remarry, and changes affect children’s lives. Court orders and parenting plans may seem final when you first agree to them, but the truth is that’s not always the case.

The important thing is not to stress. If the life change is impactful enough, you can work with an experienced Texas child support attorney to help you modify the original court order to reflect your new reality.

Contact C.E. Borman Today

At C.E. Borman, we know that these life changes can feel overwhelming, and it’s not always clear the best way to handle them. Our experienced team is here to help you through each step of this process with advice and compassion. Contact us today to discuss your family law case. 

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