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Timing Your Divorce And The Holidays

By December 8, 2016April 2nd, 2024No Comments

Timing your divorce so it misses the holidays is an important thing to consider. While we love the holiday season, many people also find it to be hectic and stressful. The extra tasks of Christmas decorations, shopping and attending holiday parties packs a lot of activity into your limited 24-hour days.

What if you’re also dealing with divorce over the holidays? Divorce is typically a big bundle of stress and the most life-changing event you’ll ever experience. For many people, divorcing during the holiday season only compounds the stress of the holidays and stress of divorce. If you’re considering dissolving your marriage, you might want to postpone divorce filing until the holidays are over.

There are emotional and practical reasons for doing so.

Practical Reasons to Delay Filing for Divorce

  • If your spouse receives a significantly large Christmas bonus, it would fall under marital property instead of separate property during divorce. (See Texas statutes on property division.)
  • You can share the costs of mortgage/rent, utility bills, holiday gifts and other household expenses.
  • With time already looking scarce during an activity-packed season, it’s one less time-grabbing activity you have to deal with.

Emotional Reasons to Delay Filing for Divorce

Loneliness and depression over the holidays is common, and keeping the family together may help you emotionally get through December — especially if you can keep your focus on the joy of the season.

Divorce is typically tough on kids (at least on the short term), and you want the holidays to be happy occasions and not a time for future bad memories.

Reasons to Go through with Divorce

Keep in mind that each divorce is different. If your marriage is a source of high conflict, you may experience tremendous freedom by ending the relationship as soon as possible. If finances aren’t a big concern, filing for divorce may outweigh financial factors by bringing you peace of mind. With gray divorce in particular where no children still live at home, divorcing over the holidays may not affect your children like it would if they were younger.

Because divorce is unique for each couple, it’s best to discuss your specific circumstances with an experienced divorce lawyer.

Compassionate and Skilled Legal Guidance

At C.E. Borman & Associates, we are glad to answer your questions and help you assess the pros and cons of divorcing over the holidays or at any point during the year.

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